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  • Download examples of execution of project drawing sets:

Composition of Detailed Steel Structures documentation.

1. Title sheet (general data), which includes:

- text instructions;
- list of the main set of Detailed Steel Structures drawings;
- adopted legend.

2. Bills / Lists of:

- pre-fabricated elements;
- mounting (permanent) hardware items (fasteners);
- steel quantity surveying.

3. Erection drawings and mount assemblies.

4. Drawings of pre-fabricated elements.

5. Drawings of details

All drawings are issued in pdf and dwg formats. In addition, tables (bills/lists) in xls format are attached to the set as a matter of convenience.

Composition of Steel Structures project.

1. Title sheet (general data). General notes of “General data” include the following:

- accepted structural concepts of building and facility;
- references to accepted design standards, and, if necessary, to standards for fabrication and erection of structures;
- loads for the relevant area of construction, taking into account local and specific conditions, affecting the behaviour of structures (operating condition, design temperature, seismic, etc.);
- design models of structures with necessary explanations (if required);
- if required, instructions on structure erection sequence and on measures to provide the strength and stability of structures during erection;
- instruction on used types of electrodes;
- instruction on accuracy degree and on classes of bolts used; - instructions on corrosion protec
tion of structures; - technical specification for metals.

2. Drawings of general arrangement, plans and sections of steel structures of

3. Layouts of structural components.

4. Drawings of structural components.
5.Drawings of structural assemblies.

 Executed text report on the calculation may be submitted in addition

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